About DauWD

I want you all, first to remember, that I was once as you all, or most of you-all. However all of what I learned, and what I do know now about Scripture came from Very Hard Work with much BaRaKing and paracleting by the RuWaCH QuaDaSH. I was born in the South, and experienced part of the 50's, and the cultural revolution of the 60' and early 70's, and the progressive downward spiral of Torahlessness as it was introduced into the nation. Growing up I had always been interested in science and biology and that is what I had paid attention to. My family got its first black and white television in 1961, and a color one in 1964, so as a result I was exposed to all the same programming, as 'godless' psychological operation against us all. Yes, even outer space programs and NASA which I later learned were nothing more than extreme lies and adult cartoons due to our programming, and we believed it. We do not live on a ball, but in Scripture we do live on the "plain" of the Earth, and yes later in life I did the math and checked the experiments and I found out that the Scripture was True. But this is another topic for another time.

By 1972 I had made Eagle Scout with a Bronze Palm. The basis of the 'old Scout material,' not the new stuff, helped in giving me a foundation on many things that were contrary to TV, Radio, and Newspaper programming. Prior to this time and during it, and after my parents had been on a religious quest. Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ and finally Pentecostal. So until I was of age I got drug along with them. They finally settled on Pentecostal, and this is where the wild ride began. I in a short time had supposedly become filled with the 'holy ghost,' and tongues. Later my parents took me to a Catherine Kuhlman meeting and I got 'slain in the spirit' from her. That was the beginning of an even wilder ride, you go out something walks in; it took me twenty years to get rid of that false spirit, and the false tongues, of the Jezebel spirit/spirits. As I later learned that from Daniel to Revelation that there is no such thing as 'being slain in the spirit' in the Charismatic movement; but they all were in awe and fear and fully conscious and aware of YaHuWaH their ALuHiYM, and they all were forward on their faces and not out backwards, and I wanted this also.

I was now in college and graduated with Suma Cum Laude, and had a double major of Biology and Chemistry, along with physics and biochemistry. Then I went to medical school and graduated Cum Laude, and entered into oral surgery. These were my very 'godless' years, pushing into the world system at the behest of my father. It was during this time that I learned that 'jesus' was not the name of the Son, and that god, lord, adonai, and Ha'SHeM, was not the name of the Father. Then beginning around 1980 I started leaning the Greek of the new testament, and in 1982 I started leaning Modern Aramaic/Hebrew. Then I started translating my early versions of the New Testament, but the Father, YaHuWaH, stopped me dead cold for nearly ten years, like running into a brick wall when it came down time to do Acts and Romans. I did not have enough Greek and Hebrew under my belt to fully realize the falsehoods in many of the Scriptures that I would later have to deal with. Under Shmuel Wahli, who has since moved to Sweden, I had much tutoring in Paleo and Ancient Hebrew; and this started in 1990. I also studied all the material of Jeff Benner and others, in short everything I could get my hands on. It was not until the early 2000's that I began again on the BaRiYTH CHaDaSH.

So from 1986 to 2004, over the course of the next eighteen years I started my quest to wade through all the information on the names, good or bad, that I could get my hands on. I knew that for a Covenant the blood of both parties was required: the blood of YaHuWSHuWaH had already been supplied, and the blood of a man through circumcision takes his blood but not his life. I had already been circumcised. The Covenant also requires the names of both parties, as well. The 'Big Problem' came down to the Name of the Father, and the Name of his Son. I knew that If I did not know the Name of the Father and of His Son that there was absolutely no way to have deliverance/salvation. If the names could not ever be known, then all was for naught and a moot point, and I would be a dead man walking waiting to die spiritually as well. I finished my research and wrote a paper on it in the Spring of 2004. I could not wait to be re-baptized, and I did not sleep for almost three days due to being so overjoyed, that I knew the name and could prove it, onomastically, grammatically, and Scripturally. But there was no-one around that knew the Names to re-Baptize me. So then the Father YaHuWaH told me that He Himself and His Word, His son, would witness it. He said, "You have a bath tub, then fill it and use it." So I did get Baptized through the Authority of His Word, YaHuWSHuWaH MaSHiYaCH, into the surname YaHuWaH, just as the Scripture says. We don't just simply speak the name while having gone down to the altar; we are baptized through the Authority of the Son, YaHuWSHuWaH, to take on the Surname of His Father YaHuWaH. Else we are not abiding with Him and His Father, and we have no Covenant, and we are not His bride. Well my whole life changed for the better and in Prayer and speaking with the Father, was plain, and my whole walk leapt into Life.

I continued to learn Greek, but they switched exclusively to Ancient Hebrew, the true Hebrew. I had also found out that a king had to have written out in his own hand a copy of the Torah, so he knew what was in it (Deuteronomy 17L18. So-then, if we are to be kings and priests to YaHuWaH, through YaHuWSHuWaH, then we need to as well, and so my quest for to have the true Scriptures in hand continued.

I had found out that the Modern/Aramaic/Hebrew is not Hebrew, and the Masoretic text is faulty. So then in late 2014 I finally began again on the BaRiYTH CHaDaSHaH (New Testament). I started with 'Hebrews' initially looking at the Textus Receptus, but then I found out that there was another problem. Our texts had holes filled in and reconstructed, but they were not the texts in the oldest and original format. So to get the texts in the oldest and best format before the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D., one would have to go back to the Greek Papyri before that time. So, 'on line' I began to search out jpg's and pdf's of the Greek Papyri. It was then that I learned that we do not have as much BaRiYTH CHaDaSHaH (New Testament) as they have tried to falsely present to us, and ram down our throats. If the Greek Papyri do not have the material, and they do not, then who filled in the holes. The holes come from missing pages, or page portions, age lacunae, deliberate fenestrations, faded ink, blotted out ink, and wear. So then, I used the Papyri for the provable portions of the New Testament. Then I found out that the Edomite/Nephilim were responsible for the burning of the library of Alexandria and blamed it on Caesar as a false flag. This enabled them to have the political/religious control by having the only extant Hebrew and Aramaic texts; being conveniently and safely squirreled away in the Second Temple at Jerusalem. Well the Edomite/Nephilim succeeded in chapping-off Rome; and then Rome destroyed and burned the Temple in 70 A.D.: so now their precious texts of the Scripture, lineages of the twelve tribes, and the lineages of the Levites were no longer extant. So they had lost their political/religious control. So now their order of the day was to fabricate a new version from the Talmud and other sources. From which today we have the Masoretic Text finished in about 1100 A.D., nearly 1400 years after the Septuagint had been written. The Septuagint mad use of texts in the oldest Hebrew, which perhaps even king DauWD had handled.

Well I found out that there was indeed and older and true form of the book of Daniel; "The Old Greek Daniel," of which it took me ten years to find a copy. And in that, in Chapter 7:6 the "Language" was to be given to the Greeks, and this had been prophesied circa 605 B.C. The prophecy came about through the Father, because the repudiated bride (Hebrew 7:19 in the Papyri) had forgotten Hebrew and only really knew Modern/Aramaic/Hebrew, and was no longer capable of communicating accurately the Ancient Hebrew in the Aramaic Language. That Prophecy was fulfilled with the writing of the Septuagint, in 285 B.C., which would be the Gold Standard of the Scriptures for the next 400 years. So up until this time I had been learning the Modern Aramaic/Hebrew, Paleo Hebrew, and Ancient Hebrew, and Hellenistic Greek. But now I started looking at the Septuagint closely. So today I only try to relate what small things can be gleaned from the Modern Aramaic/Hebrew text, such as name and places, and other small bits. 

The Father did not leave us without a way, and with the Ancient Hebrew I can bring out the original meanings of names and places, and some other phrases, hence I no longer study in depth the Modern Aramaic/Hebrew, but only the Ancient Hebrew and the Septuagint Greek. Also the Septuagint Greek is in a very high agreement with the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Masoretic Text is not so much. For Example, 334 direct cross references for the BaRiYTH CHaDaSHaH (New Testament) can be directly traced back to the Septuagint; but only 33 can be traced back to the Masoretic text. We would not have a BaRiYTH CHaDaSHaH (New Testament) if it were not for the Septuagint. Therefore, on the basis of this information, I shall only publish through transcription, the provable books of the BaRiYTH CHaDaSHaH (New Testament), and publish through transcription the BaRiYTH (Old Testament) from the provable portions of the Septuagint. There have been additions to both the Testaments, which are additions and not genuine. So then in short, by the time I was 28 years old I had more paper hanging on the wall than most people get in a lifetime. This gave me a basis from which to be able to do the work that I do today. However, these papers are all for naught when it comes to the things of the Father, YaHuWaH. I had to re-learn English, on top of everything else as well. Many moods and tenses we fail to use any more but the Greek does. Much of what we consider improper English, the Greek, and or Ancient Hebrew does not. So my Greek leaning had been ongoing for 39 years, and my Hebrew learning for 37 years. Just recently Am I able to-have for myself, through this large labor of Love for YaHuWaH and His Scripture, and for others the True Scriptures. I no longer have to try and read the Scripture to my family keeping an eye on the Greek or Hebrew in an attempt to read it accurately to them. It is now accurately Transcribed, from provable texts, and references, from which we all may read it in English comfortably, and knowing it is accurate, finally. I should also say that I am still learning, and that in this short lifetime of mine, and ours, one can never really say that they 'know it all' concerning the Scriptures; for it is not possible. However what we do know, we should know well! And if we Love YaHuWaSHuWaH we should feed His sheep, they are not our sheep, with pure and clean Scripture.