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24 Letter Original Ancient Hebrew Text

The first link here is concerning the 24 Letter Original Ancient Hebrew Text is used and referenced in Transcribed English in these recordings. 

Most people that study read the KJV which  is from the government authorized version, which the public was allowed to have. The KJV Old Testament is based on the Khazaian/Edomite Masoretic Modern Aramcaic/Hebrew text. The KJV in both Testaments had been heavily tampered with by several secret societies, including the Masons. The true Original 24 Letter Ancient Hebrew tells us in Isaiah/ YaSha'YaHuW 9:6 - 7 as follows:
6  Because the-Child has-been-begotten to-us, the-Son has-been-given to-us, of-Whom the dominion has-come-to-be uponHis shoulder. And His name has-been-called ‘the-Angel of-the Great Plan*’. For He-shall-bring SHaLauWM upon the-rulers, and His health.

7  His Dominion is great, and of-His SHaLauWM there-is no limit upon the throne of-DauWD; and-even his kingdom He-did-erect the-selfsame, and to-receive-it-in-turn in judgment, and in righteousness, from the-present-time and for ever. The zeal of YaHuWaH TSaBa’ATH shall-perform this.

Here's a link to study the original ancient 24 letter Hebrew text. Start at the 54:54 minute mark on the call and you will hear the live study of Isaiah Chapters 8 & 9.
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TWO Bethlehams
Explains 2 Bethlehams. And other deep teachings. 
Start at the 38:00 minute make.  
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 1st Century A.D.; MaSHiYaCH CHaG PaSaCH La'SHaMaR

(Ancient Hebrew)

Instructions For Keeping A Messianic Passover Feast
Start at 27:20 minute mark


The Feast of-the Harvest of Firstfruits aka Centicost; there is no Penticost except to the followers of Paul rather than YaHuWSHuWaH, and the followers of those Judaizing. Pentecost is not in the Septuagint Greek as Pentecost, nor the Masoretic Aramaic/Hebrew. Also only in the Pauline material does it ever occur; but never in any of the other BaRiYTH CHaDaSHaH (New Testament) writings.


“You-shall-count for-yourselves seven entire weeks; then-you-shall-continue-from-then* to- count seven entire weeks, before your beginning to-put-the-sickle upon the-harvest.
10 And-then you-shall-do the-Feast of-Weeks* to-YaHuWaH your ALuHiYM; in-so-far-as your hand is-strong, for-as-much-as you-should- give, and in-so-far-as YaHuWaH your ALuHiYM has-BaRaKed you.
11 So-then you-shall-be-gladdened before YaHuWaH your ALuHiYM, and your son, and your daughter, and your man-servant, and your maid-servant, and the LauWiYite who is among your cities; and the proselyte, and the orphan, and the widow among you-all; in the place whichsoever YaHuWaH your ALuHiYM should- choose for His Name to-be-called-upon there.
12 So-that you-shall-remember that you-were in-servitude in the-land of-MaTSaRaiYM; so- then you-shall-guard and you-shall-do-these Commandments.” 

Cross References and Footnotes
9 Exo 17:8, 23:16; Lev 23:15 - 21
* - The Greek άρχή is the future middle indicative second person singular of the G756 αρχω meaning in the middle sense ‘to continue,’ or in time ‘to continue from a certain point in time.’
So the day after the Sheaf being lifted up in verse Leviticus 23:11, seven whole weeks is 49 days. Then on the morrow after the last whole week is counted, then seven more weeks shall continue to be counted. This is a future tense at this time showing action that ‘then’ needs to occur. This does not say that “‘you shall-have-counted’ fifty Days” as the verb then would have been άριθμηθήσονται the future passive indicative third person plural. So the Khazarian/Edomites and the intercalators of the Pauline books have brought us to think that this is simply a 50 day count period, it is not. Pentecost is only mentioned in the Pauline books, and by Judaizers, and never in the Septuagint Greek, or in the Masoretic Text as Pentecost G4005 (πεντηκοστή). However if one looks at the time to travel to Mount SiYNiY (Sinai) to receive the Royal THauWRaH the first time, it is 100 days, actually allowing for several RaSH CHaDaSHaHs it works out to 102 to 104 days depending on the year. In Exodus 23:16 this is called ‘The Feast of-the Harvest of-First-fruits.’ See the notes in Exodus on the provable time line for this. Pentecost is a farce. 

Exodos 20 
Isaiah 44
Start at 50:10 minute mark 
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Falsehood of the Books of 1 & 2  Peter

Start Time at 37:30 minute mark



​The word Jesus is not the True Hebrew MaShiYaCH's (Messiahs) Name. There was no letter j in the English language until the 1524 A.D. Never has there been a letter j in the original Ancient Hebrew language. God, Gad, Gud are all interrelated names. God was a common Teutonic-Germanic word that was applied to superhuman beings of heathen mythologies.
Later the word "God" was adopted by Christianity as the generic name for the Supreme Being. It has become the most popular translation for the Hebrew word "ALuHiYM." As a result, most of Christendom believes that the Name for ALuHiYM is "God" and does not know that the personal Name of the Father is YaHuWaH. Gad was the Babylonian/Canaanite/Syrian deity of "Good Luck" or "Fortune," also called "Meni," the god of "Destiny" who was regarded as the "Lord Moon." The city of Gad was named after this deity. Gad was identified with Jupiter, the Sun-deity, and applied to Nimrod whose general character was that of a Sun-god or Sun-divinity. Gud was the Anglo-Saxon name for "good god" vs. an "evil god."
Original Hebrew Text, transcribed from the LXX:
Isaiah 65:11  But you-all are those-having forsaken Me, and those-having-forgotten my QuaDaSH mountain, and those-preparing a table to a demon*, and filling-up a- drink-offering to Fortune**.
* - The Greek 1142 meaning a bad sense a demon or evil spirit; also a god or goddess.  so in this phrase it could also be seen as " and preparing a-table to a-God"; hence then in Christianity it could also be "and those preparing a-table to god". So then to those in christianity, they are doing this to god; hence the God of Fortune.
** The Greek means fortune or chance. The Original Hebrew 4507 meaning Meni the Babylonian God of fate or fortune. 


Intoduction 2018 Centicost, 6 th commandment, Fathers name

Creators calendar according to the moon. 

Start at 36:10 minute mark

Learn the True Name of Our Father
Click Here: About the name Yahweh: 

Click Here: RePlay Link- Hebrew Names Discussed -https://cldup.com/5PITU9xTKr.mp3

6th Commandment Thou shalt not mongrelize. Mix seed lines causing nations of people (a population or group of people) to become racially or ethnically mixed. We were taught that the 7th commandment said, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." Khazairan/ Edomite KJV version that they authorized the public to read; is a misdirect and out of order commandment. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the AdaMKind man seed line by mixing serpent seed through mongralization.
Sexual Sinne
They promote sexual sinne  through their media and schools, knowing that women store DNA from every man they've ever had Illicit sexual intercourse with.


What about the KJV?

Start at 2:00:55 the minute mark

Genesis Chapter 37


Get you a Septuagint and you will see just how many scriptures are not really in the 

True Original Scriptures. Many of which have been made up by the false scribes for 

their agenda in their KJV version and all other versions to control the masses.



This is the Sixth Commandment in the Greek Septuagint, but in the anti-christ  Canaanite -corrupted, Hebrew, Masoretic Text it is the Seventh Commandment.   

DO NOT MONGRELIZE.    6th law of YaHuWaH  

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First Fruits & 10 Commandments

First Fruits

Start at 19:30 minute mark 


10 Commandments

Exodus 20

Start at 55:00- 1:56:19 minute mark 


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Species Mixtures of Fallen Angels

Chart explains all the species of the mixtures of the fallen angels and ADaMKinD Man after the flood. So far today we have 15 species after the flood. 

Good Reference Book link about Easu/Edom